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Registration of Clearing and Forwarding Business in Nigeria


What is your business goal for the year and later in the future? Have you been dreaming of going into Clearing and Forwarding business Nigeria? But your main headache is how to get started? ……… worry no more. In this article I am going to tell you how to set up your Clearing and Forwarding Company in Nigeria and the requirement of setting up such Company.

It is important to register your company name with the appropriate authorities of the Government. You need to first of all register with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (CAC).

After the registration with CAC, you need to do the necessary registrations and clearance with the Nigeria Customs Service, this will help to prevent unnecessary delays in the progress of your business by the Nigerian security officers.

How do you register with Corporate Affairs Commission?

  1.  Do a name search with 2 unique names
  2. If one of the names is approved then you proceed to do the registration
  3. You must have at least 2 adults as directors of the company and if you wish to include a child then the child will be one of the shareholders.
  4. The to be directors will bring their form of identification either Driver’s license, International Passport, National ID or Voters Card.
  5. For the child shareholder his or her birth certificate is required
  6. After filling the forms online in CAC portal, you make the necessary payment
  7. Print the forms for signing and commissioning.
  8. After the signing, upload the forms in CAC site (document upload section)
  9. Wait for the approval of the registration.
  10. Once the registration is approved go to CAC office in your state with the hard copies of the documents and forms for collection of the Certificate of Incorporation.

The minimum share capital for registering a Clearing and Forwarding business in Nigeria is 5million Naira. The 5 Million naira is not to be paid to Corporate Affairs Commission but rather it is the amount that your liability will be limited to in the event of winding up of the company.

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