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Enterprise or Business name as popularly called is a one man business or partnership business that does not require share capital or the need for directors.
The advantages of registering your business name with the Corporate Affairs commission cannot be over emphasized. It authenticates your business and gives the general public the confidence to do business with you. You can also open a corporate account for your business once it is registered. The benefits are too numerous to mention.

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What are the steps you need to take to register your business or enterprise?
1. Conduct an availability name search. Get two unique names of your choice e.g combination of your surname and your first name or combination of your children names. It all depends on your choice. If you are in any of these States Lagos, Kano, Rivers and Abuja, the name search and everything about registration can be done online by clicking on CAC site but in other States you can walk into Corporate Affairs Commission office and they will conduct the name search for you.

2. If any of the names submitted is available for you, you then go online and commence registration by entering the availability code on your Notice of Approval. Once you are through with filling the registration forms and making payment you print the forms and receipt of payment.

3. Then next you go to document upload section of the site and upload the forms with your passport attached, the payment receipt, Notice of Approval together with your means of identification eg Driver’s license, Voters card, International passport or National ID card.

4. After the upload click on the submit button. You will only go to the site to check if your certificate is out. Once you see your Business Number you will know that the certificate is ready. Go to the CAC office to collect your certificate.

5. If you are not in any of the states mentioned above, after the name search, go back to CAC office buy the registration forms after filling the forms attach your passport proceed to the bank to make payment, after the payment you submit the forms and the payment teller or receipt, the notice of approval, means of identification to CAC office (NB: you will have to generate Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) code which shall be used for the payment).

6. Once the form is submitted, you go to CAC office one week after to check if the certificate is out. If the certificate is out, you sign and collect your certificate.

7. If any of the objects you entered in the form is a specialized one e.g legal services, accounting services or consulting you will need a proficiency certificate.

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