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Commercial Litigation in Nigeria

Commercial Litigation in Nigeria

Commercial Litigation in Nigeria

Veraz Advocates has pride its self as efficient and tactful in the area of litigation. We have cases in Magistrate Court, High Court and even in Court of Appeal and other adjudicating bodies. Our teeming clients have testified to the fact of how efficient and meticulous we have handled and still handling their cases.  We advise our clients on the best methods of amiable dispute resolution.

What Is a Commercial Litigation?

When any party to a contract, whether oral or written, fails to perform any of the contract’s terms, they may be found in breach of contract. While there are many ways to breach a contract, common failures include failure to deliver goods or services, failure to fully complete the job, failure to pay on time, or providing inferior goods or services. In other words, a breach of contract is a broken promise to do or provide something.

Consumer Class Actions

A group of consumers take on a company over issues like fraud, mislabelling, privacy violations or defective products.

Antitrust Litigation

Handles allegations that a company’s business practices don’t comply with competition regulations. Proceedings can be criminal or civil.